Mobile Website

Instant mobile website generated from your desktop URL. Once imported you can add new content, customize backgrounds, change templates and much more. Learn more here.

Content Management

Our powerful, yet easy-to-use Content Management System lets you transform your mobile site to look exactly how you want instantly. Create new pages from scratch or add included plug-ins like Mobile Coupons or Photo Galleries. Learn more here.


Use the included Plug-ins such as Click-to-Call, Click-to-Map, quick links to your Social Networks, Mobile Coupons, Photo Galleries and more coming all the time.

Mobile Coupons

Create mobile coupons as a page on your mobile website. Coupons are a great call-to-action especially for mobile users who are action-oriented. Learn more here.

Social Outlets

Included in your free mobile site is a one-stop location to easily follow/check-in on all your social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+ and Linked-in. No more need for a bunch of stickers in your window - just link them to your mobile website. Learn more here.

Keyword & Short Code

If a customer texts your keyword (optional, not included with all plans) to our short code (55411) an instant text reply is triggered with a link to your mobile site. All keywords come with free use of the 55411 short code and also with a bucket of messages so you can stay in touch with your mobile customers. Learn more here.

QR Codes

Included with your mobile website is a QR Code. When scanned by a QR Code reader app, the customer is directed to your mobile website. You can generate additional QR Codes free of charge as long as you are an account holder. Learn more here.

Outbound Campaigns

Included in all Premium Plans is bulk text (SMS) messaging. Consumers who text your keyword will be automatically entered into your database. You can send them messages once a week or more offering specials etc. Learn more here.

Appointment Reminders

Another way to use the SMS messaging is for appointment reminders. Rather than pay someone to call and remind people just set up an automated text message to go a specified number of hours prior. Very commonly used by Doctor's, Salons and Auto Service departments. Learn more here.

2-Way Messaging

You can create messages to your customers asking them questions and instructing them how to answer. You can use this tool to take surveys, run contests etc. It will track all responses so you can quickly take the pulse of your customers on almost any topic. Learn more here.

Redirect Code

When a customer searches for you on their mobile phone they will likely end up on the desktop version of your site. This provides a poor viewing experience and will likely result in a quick exit by the visitor. To avoid this use the included Redirect code and future mobile visitors to your desktop site will auto-redirect to your mobile website.

Facebook Widget

You can setup a mobile "opt-in" form on your Facebook page or website using our included widgets. Easy to use with step-by-step instructions so customers can easily sign up for your mobile updates and offers.

Visitor Analytics

We track and report for you on all visitors to your website on where they originated, which pages they viewed, time spent and more. If you have one of our messaging plans we also include reporting on who texted your keyword and when.

White Label

We are proud to list some of the world's largest media and software companies as white label resellers of our solution. We make it inexpensive and easy to get your own end-to-end mobile platform. Learn more here.

Make Your Site Mobile Now

In seconds your site will be easy to view and navigate on any smart phone with all the most important aspects of your business just a touch away. Your customers will thank you.

Mobile Website
Mobile Coupons
Social Outlets
Keyword & Short Code
QR Codes
Outboound Campaigns
Appointment Reminders
2-Ways Messaging