Keywords & Short Code

The Keyword - it's your mobile URL

A "keyword" is simply a word or characters that identify your business or product. Think of it as your mobile URL or shortcut to your mobile website. Consumers text that keyword to a short code (a special phone number used for texting-see below) to request information and to become part of your mobile database.


Short Codes - It's where you text Keywords

Short Codes are 4-6 digit telephone numbers. They are used for texting purposes only. Short codes are just like any other regular phone numbers but they cannot be called, only texted. InSequent's memorable short code is 55411. This is the code you will also use and will be connected to your keyword.

Shout it Out! - "Text <mykeyword> to 55411 for Instant 10% off coupon!"

Vanity Keywords

You can purchase one of our Messaging plans which include a keyword of your choice, use of the 55411 short code, a mobile website and a bucket of messages each month. Everything you need to let consumers request and find out everything about you.

Make Your Site Mobile Now

In seconds your site will be easy to view and navigate on any smart phone with all the most important aspects of your business just a touch away. Your customers will thank you.