Outbound Campaigns

Send SMS Messages

The InSequent platform is unique in that it gives you a full suite of customer acquisition tools - keyword, short code, mobile website and messaging engine.

Keep them Coming Back

SMS Messaging is available in all plans except "Mobile Site Only." Every customer that texts your keyword is automatically entered into your database and can be sent messages using the Messaging tool. The easy interface just asks you to type the message, link a coupon if you want, choose to send to everyone or just a subset. Then either send immediately or schedule it to go next Friday, or every Friday. Click "send" and you are done. You can go back and add other messages or change schedule anytime you like.

Why Bulk Messaging Works

The end user manages mobile subscriptions. People can opt-in and opt-out as part of every campaign. This level of control and the new preference for mobile is resulting in response rates far exceeding direct mail, email and other marketing channels. No other channel is offering this level of penetration:
  • Open rates of 95% +
  • 95% open within 15 minutes of receipt
  • Read rates of over 90%
  • 25%+ response rates common

Make Your Site Mobile Now

In seconds your site will be easy to view and navigate on any smart phone with all the most important aspects of your business just a touch away. Your customers will thank you.