InSequent is a turn-key, end-to-end mobile marketing platform that is simple to implement and easy to manage.


Quickly create fully branded, fully synchronized websites optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. All customers are guaranteed a good viewing experience.


Easily create and deploy mobile and desktop ads through our advertising portal 4Mads for as little as $25/mo. Your leads will enjoy a seamless experience from impression to conversion.


Drive store traffic and conversions using Keyword/Short codes,QR codes, SMS messaging, mobile coupons and more.Your customers will be engaged like never before.


Analyze your advertising and marketing programs using our metric dashboards to continually increase the effectiveness and ROI of your efforts.

Core Features

Make Your Site Mobile Now

In seconds your site will be easy to view and navigate on any smart phone with all the most important aspects of your business just a touch away. Your customers will thank you.

How do Keyword/Short codes work?

1. Promote your keyword (e.g., BOUTIQUE) everywhere

2. People open their text messaging program and enter our short code 55411 in the "To" field.

3. In the "Message" field, they enter your keyword and press "Send"

4. Within seconds they get a text message reply you created. Usually it welcomes them to your business and has a link to your mobile website, digital coupon or event you are promoting.