Why You Need a Tablet & Desktop Website

Tablet shipments will surpass desktop PCs in 2013 and portable PCs in 2014.*

Using the web on a tablet is different than a desktop in some distinct ways. An optimal experience dramatically increases the likelihood of converting end-users to customers.

  • Tablet screens are smaller than most desktop or laptop screens, so sites often “shrink”. End-users must zoom and scroll to see all the content of the site. Our tablet & desktop sites are optimized for the tablet and show all the content in “portrait” or “landscape” view so images are easy to see and copy is easy to read.

  • Navigating with fingers and thumbs is not as precise mouse clicks. Our tablet & desktop sites organize your pages into a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that can be navigated with fingers or a mouse.

  • Tablets are often used on-the-go, so your information can be organized to give end-users the quick information they need to contact you immediately.

*source: IDC

Other cool stuff...

  • Your tablet & desktop site content is completely synchronized with your InSequent mobile site. You only need to update information once.

  • All web traffic is automatically directed to the correct site. Your end-users are guaranteed an optimal experience on smartphone, tablet and desktop browsers.

  • You have complete creative control over your logo, images, fonts, colors and more. Your mobile site branding will match your desktop site branding.

  • Your tablet & desktop site URL can be used for ALL mobile and desktop advertising because all web traffic is automatically directed to the correct site according to the end-user’s device

Make Your Site Mobile Now

In seconds your site will be easy to view and navigate on any smart phone with all the most important aspects of your business just a touch away. Your customers will thank you.