White Label/Reseller

InSequent offers its entire platform as a hosted, branded solution for you to add to your menu of services and market as your own to your customers.

The InSequent platform is specifically designed for Local Businesses and Merchants. If your company is targeting that type of business with complementary offers then we make it very easy to get started with us. Typically, we can have you live and running your own white label site in under two weeks.

Set your own pricing, bundle the mobile platform with other digital and offline products. Our multi-tiered admin levels allow you to manage multiple regions, properties and management tiers.

We are dedicated to building and maintaining a world-class mobile platform for the local business and average a new release every two weeks. Let us invest in and provide the back-end while you provide the front-end and distribution.

No large set-up fees, we revenue share so that our success only comes with yours.

Click here to contact us or call us at 866-278-0649. We look forward to hearing from you!

Make Your Site Mobile Now

In seconds your site will be easy to view and navigate on any smart phone with all the most important aspects of your business just a touch away. Your customers will thank you.